Winter Class Registration Begins October 1st!

Tell the relatives that our classes make a great holiday or birthday gift! Winter session begins in January.

Families can also use a payment plan at no extra charge on our website starting in October.


Act Out the Story 

AGES 4-5

Jan. 11 - March 21st** (10 weeks)

Saturdays 10:00 -11:00 am

In this play-based class our youngest students will kick off their shoes and explore their creativity through movement, literally “stepping into character” with our fantastic costumes. Beginning acting skills are woven into the fun as the wee ones bring a story to life each week! No wrong answers, no winning, just pure collaborative fun and teamwork. Families and friends are invited to a presentation on stage March 21st! 
**No class on Feb. 15th.


Unicorns to the Rescue?

AGES 6-8

Jan. 11 - Mar. 21st**  (10 weeks)

Saturdays 10:00 - 11:00


In this imaginative playmaking “whodunnit” class, students will collaborate, share their ideas and decide what exactly IS happening in the Fairy Forest? For some mysterious reason the Flower Fairies can’t fly anymore! Perhaps an Evil character or two invaded their territory? Can Unicorn magic save the day? Lots of colorful costumes will chase the winter blues away, and fun improv games are part of each class. Students will perform the show they’ve created together for families and friends on March 21st. 
**No class on Feb. 15th


Night at the Museum
- Choose your Character!

AGES 9-12

Jan. 11 - March 21st**  (10 Weeks)

Saturdays 11:05 - 12:05


Amelia Earhart, Revolutionary heroes, Peter Pan, the Wicked Witch of the West and more can come to life onstage! Whether your child’s favorite character is historical or fictional, they’ll help create a monologue or dialogue based on what they know about the person, and have the freedom to use “artistic license” in their character development and possibly changing history!  All characters will come to life onstage at the final class for families and friends. Each week theatre games and improv activities will be part of the fun! 
**No class on Feb. 15th



Summer Camps - A Sweet Memory!

Join the fun next year! Sign up here and we’ll let you know the camp schedule as soon as it’s ready in January - come play with us!

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