ACT Summer Camps 

Registration starting later in Feb

All campers will be required to wear masks and keep socially distanced during our in-person camp sessions at Burgundy Farm Country Day School.
Camp days will include plenty of time outdoors on the 25-acre campus, and performances may be held at the outdoor amphitheater. Mask “breaks” will be included throughout the day.
Children can be dropped off between 8am - 8:30 and pickup is from 4pm - 4:30 daily.
Campers receive ability-based swim lessons every day with time for free swim.
Nut-free lunches and snacks are required for everyone’s safety.
Each camp concludes with a presentation onstage for ACT families. Children who are shy will be part of the skits in a way that helps boost their confidence and comfort level.

The cost of the camps are $900 for the full session and $810 for July 6th camps.


6 - 8 Year Olds

Down on the Farm

June 21st - July 2nd

Campers will enjoy visits to the barn to meet the miniature ponies and other Burgundy animals while learning acting basics in this fun-filled session! Creative thinking and theatre games combined with crafts based on elements of productions like set design/painting and costumes round out the days. A skit will be performed for families onstage.
Instructor: Roberta Cullen

Under the Sea

July 6th - July 16th

For children who LOVE sea creatures! This camp combines a bit of dancing, a little singing (if safely possible) plus acting to create a sweet skit called Under the Sea! Campers will learn theatre basics, play creative thinking games and laugh a lot. A skit will be performed onstage too!
Instructor: Roberta Cullen

A Magical Friendship

July 19th - July 30th

What happens when a baby dinosaur is raised by Unicorns? Campers will find out in this magical story that’s an original script. They’ll love bringing characters to life onstage for their families, learning about acting and collaboration as they play theatre games and work on the skit each day.

Instructor: Roberta Cullen

The Wizard of Oz

August 2nd - August 13th

Over the rainbow we go! We love this story and children will love singing (if safely possible) and dancing along as they act out scenes from this beloved classic! And don’t worry - no scary monkeys here! We’ll play theatre games each day, plus have a performance onstage.

Instructor: Roberta Cullen


9 to 12 Year Olds

Hogwarts Comes to Life

June 21st - July 2nd

Fans of Harry Potter unite! Earn House points, practice spells, do crafts, and enjoy foods from Hogwarts. Muggles and Wizards will even learn scenes from the stories and present them onstage. Bring your robe and wand to join the fun!
Instructor: Emily Carbone

Page to Stage: Storybook Heros

July 6th - July 16th


Have a fan or Dog Man or Nancy Drew? Bring a favorite literary character to life! Set in the worlds of you favorite books, campers will create new adventures for the fictional heroes. Stories they know and love will jump out of the book and onto the stage! Perfect camp for avid readers and storytellers alike.
Emily Carbone

Broadway Stars

July 219th - 30th


Dance, sing, and act out scenes from popular Broadway musicals! Campers will learn material from shows old and new, dive into scenes, learn some choreography, and ensemble singing (if it’s safe to do so). Whether an absolute beginner or rising star, all are welcome. We’ll help students grow as performers!
Instructor: Emily Carbone

Mythology Magic

August 2nd - August 13th


Explore the wide world of Greek mythology! Campers will learn about the gods and goddesses of ancient Greece by playing games, competing in tournaments, (our Olympics!) and acting out stories. Come bring the past to life! Togas and costumes are welcome!

Instructor: Emily Carbone

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