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ACT Classes 


ACT classes seamlessly integrate mindfulness and spatial awareness using theatre games and creative movement activities.  Learning to collaborate with others, confidently express themselves, and develop an appreciation for the performing arts is all part of the experience. Our goal is to help children develop increased confidence, creativity, and self-expression skills whether onstage or at school. Come Play with Us!

Winter Session 2024

January 13th - March 10th

(no class February 10th)

Saturdays @ Burgundy Farm Country Day School

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Fairytale Fun


Ages 4 - 5

Saturdays, 9:00am - 10:00am

Instructor Libby Pope

For children who love singing, dancing, and magical creatures, this class will provide an imaginative and exciting musical theatre experience. Each week students can wear their unicorn and fairy-themed clothes to join in the fun. Special stories ,songs, dances, and movement activities fill up our class time. Young dancers and singers will learn musical theatre basics in this fun creative movement class that will teach them how to sing along with songs and dance, while exploring their favorite fairy tales. Each week, they will build confidence, improve their performance skills and learn new ways to express themselves. By the end of the class session, every single student will shine onstage like the stars they are.

Act Out the Story

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Ages 6-8

Saturdays, 9:00am - 10:00am

Instructor Imani Curtis

In this fun-filled class, students will play creative thinking games, collaborate to devise stories, explore movement and develop their self-expression skills. Confidence will grow as every voice is heard. Each week your instructor will read a different story and then students will act it out together. We’ll laugh a lot! Parents will be invited to a presentation at the final class.

On Air - A Radio Play!

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Ages 8-12

Saturdays, 9:00am - 10:00am

Instructor Brandon Johnson

This class will utilize students' imaginations and expand their vocal expression skills as they collaborate to create a "radio play".  If your child likes to explore sounds, accents, and tell stories, send them to us! Just like in a stage production, a radio play requires teamwork to tell a story through sound effects and vocalization. Some improvisation activities will be used to help guide students along the creative process as they devise a radio play that they'll present onstage at the final class.


Musical Theatre Adventure

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Ages 4-5

Saturdays, 10:15am-11:15am

Instructor Imani Curtis

Broadway Babies will love this fun-filled class with Ms. Imani as they sing and dance away the hour! Students will learn some basic choreography steps and sing beloved songs from stage and screen each week. At the final class they'll perform a song onstage that they've learned during the session for their adoring fans - you!

Rising Stars

sing and dance onstage.png

Ages 6-8

Saturdays, 10:15am-11:15am

Instructor Libby Pope

Young dancers and singers will learn musical theatre basics - or build on what they know already - in this fun creative movement class that will help them learn how to act out songs with enthusiasm and lots of energy. Beginners are welcome to join this group and shine onstage at the final class during a presentation for parents. No previous experience is required. The instructor will meet each student at their current level of experience so that everyone learns new techniques and has fun!

Improv for All!


Ages 8-12

Saturdays, 10:15am-11:15am

Instructor Brandon Johnson

Students will expand their creativity as they learn to think on the spot and share their ideas in this fun class where there are no wrong answers! Using theatre sports, self-expression and characterization, students will learn how to channel their ideas as creative storytellers and they’ll laugh a lot. Instructor Brandon Johnson knows that collaboration and teamwork skills grow when classmates work together, and those skills extend to school projects and presentations too. Confidence will grow as students perform in front of peers and communicate things from their imagination. Sharing creative ideas with acting partners + an audience boosts self-expression abilities too. Beginners and those who’ve taken an Improv class before will expand their skills because every class is different. There will be an Improv showcase at the last class for families and friends. Come play with us!



Do Your Best in Person + On Tape!

Copy of fall logos_edited.jpg

Ages 10-14

Saturdays, 11:15am-12:15pm

Instructor Ronald Benson-El Jr.

Has your child never auditioned before in their life? Or can't seem to get cast?  Instructor Ronald Benson-El Jr will share his tools for auditions in the theatre world. Students will learn audition/acting techniques for in person as well as self taping to audition remotely. Students will work on script analysis for both “cold reads” and “prepared works” as well as proper “in the room etiquette”. Student actors will also learn how to produce the highest quality self tape to ensure that casting directors pay attention to your performance and not your set up, formatting, positioning, lighting, audio, editing, etc. Students will learn how to properly “slate”, what best to wear, etc. By the end of the session students will feel more comfortable in any audition scenario as well as have an idea of what casting directors are looking for.

Get On Your Feet -

Musical Theatre!

Singer onstage.png

Ages 10-14

Saturdays, 11:15am-12:15pm

Instructor Hester K.

This class is an opportunity for young artists to leap into group production numbers, learning Broadway-style dance, singing, and acting. For experienced and newcomers, we'll meet students where they are and build on their love of theatre! Participants will focus on style, expression, and technique as they become an ensemble and learn 3 different group production numbers and a scene. Families will be invited to see a final sharing and celebration onstage!

Stories on the Farm

Jungle Storybook

Ages 5-7

Saturdays, 11:30am-12:30pm

Instructor Libby P.

Little Stars will act away in this fun-filled class that combines creative movement and listening skills as children bring beloved stories to life. Creative and dramatic play will help young actors further develop social skills, confidence and empathy each week. Self-expression and collaboration skills will grow as they listen and to a song or story and bring it to life with classmates. Students will take turns sharing their ideas and work together to create imaginary settings. Don't miss out on this fun and active learning opportunity that will engage all of your child's senses! Families are welcome to use the Burgundy playground after class too!


Masks are not required for class.

Any student who wishes to remain masked is welcome to do so.

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